Boost Controller AMS-500 V1

AMS 500 V1

The AMS-500 Boost Controller was designed as a street/strip controller for those who do not need all the bells and whistles of the AMS-1000. It uses the same control logic so control is the same as the AMS-1000 unit. The AMS-500 offers 2 stages of wastegate control and uses a internal 40 psi pressure sensor. Dont be fooled, this is the most advanced 2 stage controller out there offering 3 modes of operation.

Price: $450.00

Kit includes:

  • AMS-500 controller
  • harness
  • 2 solenoids
  • manual





CO2 Regulators

These are the exact CO2 regulators we have used for many years. After spending tremendous amounts of time and money to test practically every regulator on the market, we have come up with a line of units that have extremely fast response, recovery and stability! The result is a CO2 regulator that is a perfect match for the AMS Controllers!
Available in:
  • 60 psi
  • 110 psi
Price: $60.00
CO2 Regulator
CO2 Regulator


Boost Controller AMS-1000

The AMS-1000 is the secret the top teams are using and now it is available to you!
NLR is the leader in forced induction technology. The latest development is this controller. This controller does what others wish they could do. This unit will out perform ANY controller on the market! This unit can also be purchased to upgrade a current MSBC-1 set up. Take advantage of the latest technology from NLR!
The quickest and fastest bikes, cars, snowmobiles and boats in the world use BOOST CONTROL FROM NLR. Think about it....engineered and designed to control boost on 600hp street tire(6 inch contact patch), no wheelie bar bikes that run mid 7's @200+mph in the 1/4 mile. Imagine what it can do for you ! 
  • No limit on boost pressure....the AMS will control as much as your system can produce!
  • Flexibility, Accuracy, and Precise Control. (Supercharged, turbocharged or anything controlled by air)
  • Proven track record in professional competition.
  • User friendly and Great for Street Applications.
  • Exclusive NLR "Forward Feedback Technology".
  • Fast 50-Mhz Processor with Enhanced Timer sub-system.
  • 128x64 Graphical LCD Display.
  • Intuitive & User Friendly Graphical user Interface.

Customer Feedback

Hi Sebastion, I just wanted to give you a update on our 67 Camaro twin turbo Outlaw 10.5 car. We have tried almost every boost controller on the market and non would control the 2700HP that our car puts out on the 10.5 tires. We continued to miss our target boost by 2 or 3 pounds and when your talking about running on a 10.5W tire that's the difference between going down the track or smoking the tires. Since we installed your AMS-1000 our car has been down the track on every run with out smoking the tires and the boost is dead on target every run. I would highly recommend anyone with a turbo car run your boost controller it made a huge difference in my car.
Thanks again for a great product, Bill Lutz 

The quickest and fastest blow thru carb car in the world This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Drag Radial Record!

7.53 @ 191.89mph on 315/60 MT Drag Radial @ 3400lbs
U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton, FL 01/27/2006
Also ran 7.56 @ 191, & 7.59
still on Wolfe Race Craft Stock Suspension
David Wolfe - Texas True 10.5 Limited Street
4.84 & 154mph @3340lbs 10/28/2005
  • Compact Billet Aluminum Enclosure.
  • Latest FLASH memory technology for future software upgrades.
  • Wide range of MAP Sensors supported. 30psi, 60psi and 100psi.
  • Launch boost control programmable to range of sensor.
  • Scramble input, increase boost with the press of a button.
  • Reduce input, decrease boost level without lifting the throttle.
  • Launch, Shift, Scramble, and Reduce inputs can be configured for +12V or Ground Activation. No More RELAYS!
  • Graph view of Current Setup.
  • Integrated Data Logger with Graph View.
  • Dimensions: length=4.350 width 2.85 high=1.00 wieght= 12 oz.

Multiple Operating Modes:

  • Time Based, 1 to 6 stages fully programmable.
  • Shift Based, 1 to 6 stages fully programmable.
  • GPS(Gear Position Sensor), 1 to 6 positions with Setup Wizard.
  • Programmable Ramp Rate for each stage, 0-100psi per second.
  • Ability to Ramp Boost Level back down to adjust for track conditions.
  • Dual channel, Auxiliary channel may also be used for Live Boost monitoring, data logging.
Racer Price $950.00
Includes AMS-1000 Control Unit, 60 psi sensor with lead, Harness, and Control Solenoids.

Boost Controller AMS-500 V2


AMS500 V2AMS500 V2 offers the user a simple interface with a graph based set up .

No timers, rates etc to fool around with. 

The AMS-500 V2 offers: 

  • 12 volt or ground triggering LAUNCH and ACTIVATION input.
  • 4 set ups can be saved
  • Launch feature
  • Graphing software (time based only)
  • 100 psi sensor
  • Bullet valve solenoids and manifold for easy installation
Intro Price: 750.00
Buy it! $750 + $24.00 Shipping


Nitrous Controller AMS-2000 Base Unit


The 2000 base unit can do nitrous control based on pretty much anything you can think of. TPS,Speed, time, engine rpm, boost, gear,Shift input, air fuel, a 0-5 volt input or whatever you can imagine as the inputs are designed to be configurable. It can be updated to a PRO unit at any time by code which mean you can get in on a lower cost point yet still having the same hardware in your unit so you dont have to buy another box later. The hardware and features are locked out until it is PRO enabled.

The 5 position switch is an absolute must. Thinking your going to carry a tablet in your car and make a change right after the burnout is crazy. You going to take your gloves off and fumble around? Doubt it. You need to be able to make a last minute change with gloves on. The 2000 allows you to make that last second split decision which alot of times determines if your going home or going to the next round.

Base unit includes:

  • 1 nitrous output
  • 1 fuel output
  • 1 analog output
  • 1 relay drivers ( trigger retards )
  • 1 remote selector switch to switch between 5 tunes
  • NO Gmeter
  • NO Logging
  • NO Offset capability

If at a later date you want the turbo program all you have to do is call up and purchase it. Its a code and now you have a controller that capable of both without having to purchase and rewire.

I developed and invested in creating the absolute leading edge of nitrous control because you guys asked for it. You wanted the same technology that our turbo controls offer with the incredible flexibility, accuracy and consistency. I had the guys doing the beta testing put screen shots up so you can see for yourself. The data doesnt lie. The solenoid control is on another level!

Sebastian Domingo~Owner NLR Systems