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NLR Boost Lockup


The NLR boost lock up is the perfect addition to your turbocharged Hayabusa. Forget about those super stiff springs! Use the factory springs and let this clutch take care of the rest. The hole in the cover accepts 1/8 npt air fitting which will then connect to your plenum( before throttle bodies) .   As you get into boost the pressure is then applied to the lock up which applies pressure to the pressure plate. When you get out of boost the pressure releases and you have super light clutch pressure again.   Don't get it wrong. This clutch is the most adjustable and flexible set up out there. So good they keep it banned from all pro street events because they do not want the class to go even faster! That says alot about this clutch! For the ultimate in adjustability use it with the  AMS-2000 management system!  If you already have one all you need is another solenoid setup and a sensor and your ready to go.

U.K. Superstreetbike racer Gary Bowe uses this exact setup ! Here are some of his accomplishments!

  • Acu record 7.07 and 207mph
  • Triple championship winner SPRC(club) ACU(national) European
  • 3rd quickest of all time in Europe 7.03 et!

What you send is what you get back! Send a tore up beat up cover your going to get the exact cover back.

Price for clutch is 1250.00 with cover and pressure plate supplied by you.
Pressure plate and cover ( new  items) supplied by NLR add- 250.00

****** make sure the cover is clean . If it is not you will be charged 50.00 for doing it here.