Boost Controller AMS-1000


The Ams-1000 is the controller that started the revolution of Co2 boost control. We introduced it in 2005 and it has helped set more records and produce more wins than any boost controller ever.  The Ams2000 is the replacement for the Ams1000 for information click here.

Kit comes with control unit, solenoid assembly, harness and 100 psi sensor.




Graph software operation

Use the “LEFT”, “RIGHT” arrow buttons to move through the Graph.

To Edit and/or change the Ramp move the cursor to the position to Edit and press the “EDIT” buton.

The editing cursor will appear at the position selected.

Using the “UP”, “DOWN” arrow buttons adjust the new pressure setting.

Press the “ENTER” button to accept the new setting.

Use the “LEFT”, “RIGHT” arrow buttons to move to the next set point. Each cursor position represents 1/10 of a PSI.

Press the “EDIT” button and adjust the target pressure as outlined above.

Press “ENTER” to accept the new setting.

NOTE—When the two set points are more than .025 sec apart the Progressive Ramp will be automatically filled in between the set points.

Press the “MENU” button to Exit and/or Save the new setting(s).

From the Menu select Exit and press “ENTER”.

You will then be prompted to Save the new settings or Exit without saving. 


NOTE—There are several selections available when you pres the “MENU” button.

Please see below for an explanation of each.

Exit—This selection exits the Graph Editor.
Clear Edit Points—This selection will clear any Edit Points that are set in the Graph Screen. This does NOT change any Percentage setting, only the Cursor is removed.
View Old Data—This selection will display the Graph that is stored in memory.
Restore Old Data—This selection will restore the Graph settings if any Editing has been done and NOT Saved.
Zoom In—This selection will Zoom the X-Axis in.
Zoom Out—This selection will Zoom the X-Axis out.