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Nova Mentor 7 Light 2.5 liner Nova Mentor 7 Light 2.5 liner

Nova Mentor 7 Light 2.5 liner

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2.5-liner | 66 cells | Aspect ratio: 5.5 | Weight: 4.15 kg - size S (EN/LTF B) MENTOR 7 Light – Hybrid 2.5-liner The MENTOR 7 Light is characterised by its completely new design as a "hybrid 2.5-liner" and carries the genes of the XENON. Thanks to the drastically increased performance, its cross-country potential sets new standards in the EN B class. With its intelligent lightweight design, we are meeting the great demand for light, durable XC gliders.

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The best possible combination. This performance optimised 2.5-liner flies more comfortably than many 3-liners. How come? Philipp Medicus, Head of R&D at NOVA explains: “The difference in design between the MENTOR 6 and 7 is greater than between the 2 and the 6. Absolutely everything is new. Only the pilot group and its potential as an XC machine are the same.” This means the MENTOR 7 Light will appeal to all cross-country pilots who would like to achieve their distances within the B class and who want a state-of-the-art “teacher” at their side.



The MENTOR 7 Light  is a state-of-the-art "teacher" in the tradition of the MENTOR series (performance, smooth in flight, safety), which does not tend to overshoot during inflation and impresses with an extreme flight behaviour that is manageable for its class. As a hybrid 2.5-liner, it is suitable for cross-country pilots who are experienced in handling EN B gliders, or who want to get the maximum out of a flight using the speed-bar and HAC handles. So if you want to familiarise yourself with pitch control similar to the flying feeling of a two-liner, this is the wing to fly. It is important to understand that the hybrid construction partly influences ground handling and means, for example, that the use of the B3 stall is more effective than classic big ears.


Cross Country Magazine have published a detailed review of the MENTOR 7 Light in their issue 233. With kind permission of Cross Country magazine. Thanks guys!

"The Mentor 7 Light earned our trust over many flights in difficult conditions. Being so easy to fly, it saves the pilot a lot of energy, making long XC flights less exhausting and thus safer. The technology sounds impressive and during a first demo flight you might be intimidated. But it is really a benign high-B glider, especially for the performance it provides on full bar. A big plus is the handling: it has all the advantages of easier handling of a lighter wing, but none of the disadvantages such as a delicate build or jumpy behaviour. Nova have announced a full-fat version will arrive later. The only difference will be heavier, abrasion-resistant fabric for use on less forgiving launches than grassy hills. Other than that, we really don't know what one could possibly want different in a full-fat Mentor 7."


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