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Advance IOTA DLS
Product Details The IOTA 3 becomes the IOTA DLS. We have been using our extra time to further develop the performance, handling and weight of our top-end B wing, achieving a new level of excellence in all three of these qualities. Welcome to the new IOTA DLS. The DLS stands for DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE and signals the start of a new development philosophy combining structural innovation with a unique mix of materials. First deliveries are expected in April. PERFORMING Efficient Pitch Control The high degree of pitch stability provided by the profile conserves energy, especially when gliding in turbulent air, thus conserving glide performance. An efficient pitch control system with C-handles delivers the two-liner feeling while flying for distance, and sophisticated 3X3D shaping gives the IOTA DLS wing a perfectly smooth leading edge. LIGHT & DURABLE Durable Lightweight Structure (DLS) The new IOTA DLS is offered at weights from 3.9 kgs, without compromise in lifespan or robustness. Highly stressed areas, especially the entire upper surface and all ribs, are made from a variety of robust and low stretch quality Porcher Sports fabrics. PREDICTABLE Smooth & Reassuring Behaviour Optimal lift distribution and ideally coordinated fabric tensions result in better turbulence absorption with comfortably damped canopy feedback. This results in reassuringly predictable flight behaviour and a very comfortable flying experience. DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE (DLS) MEETS THE NEEDS OF THE TIMES. MANY PILOTS WANT LIGHTWEIGHT, BUT STILL ROBUST PRODUCTS. THEY DELIBERATELY DON'T WANT ULTRA-LIGHT GLIDERS BECAUSE THEY DON'T COMPLETELY FULFIL THEIR DESIRED LEVEL OF DURABILITY AND REQUIRE SPECIAL CARE IN HANDLING.