Nitrous Controller NMS-1000

Nitrous Control NMS-1000

We revolutionized boost control with the AMS-1000 and now plan on doing the same with the NMS-1000 nitrous controller! Looks almost identical to the AMS-1000 ! No laptop is needed and an easy to use user interface is built in!
Price: $850.00
  • Billet Aluminum enclosure
  • Fully Programmable Nitrous/Fuel Curves
  • Analog Input from Wideband O2 Sensor for Logging
  • and Safety Shut-off if too Lean
  • Data Logging of Nitrous/Fuel Solenoid and O2 Input for Tuning
  • Hold and Wait Feature with Adjustable Resume Ramp
  • Ground activation
  • Analog Output for use with Aftermarket Ignitions and Fuel Systems to Retard Timing
  • Add Fuel Based on Nitrous Percentages
  • User Designed Graph
  • Can also be used to datalog the nitrous activity!
  • Built in Timer for Second Stage Activation, Retard Activation, or Fuel Enrichment
  • Compact Size: 5 1/8" X 3 3/8" X 1 3/16"
  • Ability to save 3 set ups