Nitrous Controller AMS-2000 Base Unit


The 2000 base unit can do nitrous control based on pretty much anything you can think of. TPS,Speed, time, engine rpm, boost, gear,Shift input, air fuel, a 0-5 volt input or whatever you can imagine as the inputs are designed to be configurable. It can be updated to a PRO unit at any time by code which mean you can get in on a lower cost point yet still having the same hardware in your unit so you dont have to buy another box later. The hardware and features are locked out until it is PRO enabled.

The 5 position switch is an absolute must. Thinking your going to carry a tablet in your car and make a change right after the burnout is crazy. You going to take your gloves off and fumble around? Doubt it. You need to be able to make a last minute change with gloves on. The 2000 allows you to make that last second split decision which alot of times determines if your going home or going to the next round.

Base unit includes:

  • 1 nitrous output
  • 1 fuel output
  • 1 analog output
  • 1 relay drivers ( trigger retards )
  • 1 remote selector switch to switch between 5 tunes
  • NO Gmeter
  • NO Logging
  • NO Offset capability

If at a later date you want the turbo program all you have to do is call up and purchase it. Its a code and now you have a controller that capable of both without having to purchase and rewire.

I developed and invested in creating the absolute leading edge of nitrous control because you guys asked for it. You wanted the same technology that our turbo controls offer with the incredible flexibility, accuracy and consistency. I had the guys doing the beta testing put screen shots up so you can see for yourself. The data doesnt lie. The solenoid control is on another level!

Sebastian Domingo~Owner NLR Systems