RC Harley Davidson V-ROD

  • Custom Garret, T3 flange turbo, modded for external 
  • wastegate (turbine housing ceramic coated) 
  • 38 mm tial gate (external) 
  • 304 grade stainless steel exhaust and flanges (polished) 
  • braided oil feed line and fittings 
  • braided oil return line and fittings 
  • new fuel pump for intank 
  • rising rate regulator (FMU) 
  • fuel lines for the fuel system 
  • map sensor adapter and bleed valve 
  • polished aluminum sheet metal air box 
  • aluminum pcv filter

All vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, and fittings at current only Powercommander map available with kit, race tuner maps available soon!
  • Heavy duty clutch kit $180 USD 
  • Tial 50 mm BOV $300 USD
At the present there will be no intercooler option, this is a street kit, that runs on pump fuel and is designed to be used on a stock engine with 7 psi of boost.(160 hp.)
An intercooler is of very little advantage for the steet at this low of a boost level. If someone wants to use this kit at the drag strip then the boost level can be raised to 8-10 psi as long as they are using race fuel.
This kit is not recommended for top speed runs, for high speed runs there is a race kit in the works, either air/air intercooler, or the new liq/air setup ( in the works) This kit can be installed by most people in about 8 hrs, the more skilled the individual the quicker the install will go. You will need to put a hole in the stock oil pan for oil return. This is actually a very quick and easy install for the most part, but if the purchaser is unsure of their abilities to install it properly, then it should be taken to an experienced installer.
I will provide tech support these kits for all customers.
  • all workmanship comes with a 2 year warranty -ie. cracking pipes or fittings
  • turbo unit comes with a 2 year warranty
  • fuel pump and FMU come with a 2 year warranty 
Price: $ 4600