Motec SDL

The SDL can be purchased as a display-only dash or as a combined dash logger with an impressive 8Mb of memory, and because each unit has data logging capability built in, display-only SDLs can be upgraded at any time via password, allowing customers to take advantage of MoTeCs data acquisition expertise at their convenience.

Motec SDL

As a display, the compact and lightweight Sport Dash is a clever alternative to the multitude of gauges many drivers rely on to monitor parameters such as speed, RPM, boost and all the vital temperatures and pressures. The screen layout and units of measurement (e.g. imperial vs metric) are user-defined to suit individual preferences, while an optional, adjustable backlight ensures suitability for all driving conditions. To keep things running smoothly under the bonnet, fully programmable warning alarms can be set to alert drivers to such dangers as low oil pressure, high engine temperature and low fuel level. The SDL can also be configured to activate warning lights and shift lights.

With logging enabled, the unit becomes a powerful tool to analyse and improve vehicle performance, enabling users to fine tune race setup, tweak engine performance and develop faster driving techniques. With an in-built lateral G sensor, the SDL makes Track Mapping easy, and for instant feedback behind the wheel, a live Laptime Gain/Loss feature allows the driver to see at a glance how their current time compares with their fastest on file.

Data can be logged at up to 200 samples per second then quickly downloaded via USB for comprehensive analysis. Just like its big brother, the ADL2, the new SDL uses MoTeC's exclusive Interpreter software - the same analysis program used by championship winners and record holders worldwide. An optional Pro Analysis upgrade delivers an extensive package of advanced tools including XY plots, multiple overlays, maths functions, rainbow mapping and lap reports/statistics.

Mindful of those new to data acquisition, MoTeC has designed custom set up software, Sport Dash Manager, with a simplified interface to keep the configuration process straightforward and user-friendly. As with all MoTeC products, the software is free of charge and when new versions are released online, users can download them at no cost.

The Sport Dash Logger is equipped with CAN and RS232 communications and comes standard with a 37 pin military spec connector. An optional Wideband Lambda input allows users to log air fuel mixtures and, when combined with a MoTeC E888 expansion module, the SDL provides additional scope to measure eight exhaust gas temperatures, making it ideal for high performance V8 applications such as drag racing.

The new Sport Dash Logger comes with a two year warranty.


Non backlight- $2235.00

Backlite version-$2610.00