READ BELOW BEFORE DOWNLOADING  V7-3  Software and Firmware     READ BELOW BEFORE DOWNLOADING  V7-3  Software and Firmware



Please READ EVERYTHING HERE so you don't call 50 times because you didn't read this ;) To get to the download click ADD TO CART, then CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT, then COMPLETE ORDER and it will be on the next page that shows up. You are not being charged anything. In order to host the download in our store it has to simulate a purchase in order to get to the download page. --------------FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED-------------------------- The firmware file is in this download folder as well as software. 1st page of the manual scroll down to Software and Firmware updating for instructions on how to do it or watch this video ----------------BOOST CONTROLLER USERS PLEASE NOTE-------------- This Software and Firmware has another level of sensor fault testing. If your using the aux channel for co2 pressure control(with a sensor connected to aux channel), relay driver, or anything else you can ignore this!! If your not using it for anything do the following. Connect with your existing software to your ams2000 and do the following. 1. CLICK SYSTEM TAB AND THEN OUTPUT FUNCTIONS 2. CLICK OUTPUT 3 AND SELECT DISABLE 3. HIT FILE AND SAVE TO AMS2000 4. NOW YOU CAN INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE AND CONTINUE BY FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL If you dont do the above and use the new software and firmware please dont be alarmed if you get a sensor error code show up. If you have the aux channel set to pressure and do not have a pressure sensor connected to it this is why your getting this error. Go to systems, output functions and click on the output 3 where it says pressure. Select disable and send the tune up to ams2000. That will clear it. If you've got that channel controlling pressure its going to want to see a sensor connected to it or it will trigger a warning like this.

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V7 Software and Firmware changes and additions:
Green Check mark added to setup tab to prompt user to select it if they dont read the manual.
Email generation prompt with system log in event of error.
Tune up saved to ams2000 pop up to give user confidence that tune up was saved.
Boost Targeting and closed looped manifold correction downtrack as in v3 software with even tighter control.
Virtual MPH control
User Inputs that can be configured for custom sensors
  • Analog input
  • Air Fuel 1
  • Air Fuel 2

GATS minimum allowable correction percentage for nitrous applications. Will not allow correction to go below this set amount.

CAN based back up communication capability ( uploading and downloading only) for those who don't pay attention to the instructions about not leaving a usb plugged in
We inventory the parts or can give you the link on the adapter to use. Its about 350-400 bucks in parts youll need.
  • now you can connect a can adapter and hardwire it to the ams. Plug a usb into can adapter and run to a centralized up .
Data log updates-
  • Multiple log overlay ( comparisons )
  • Numeric difference displayed from compare log to master of item
  • user settable max and min limits


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